My Grand Forks Real Estate Wholesale Deals

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My most recent wholesale deal is one that is pending. I got a call from a couple in Larimore. They wanted to sell their house so they could move to Grand Forks. I went out there and talked with them, it looked like a good deal because it was well taken care of except for the siding and inside was a bit out dated. They understood that as well and took that into consideration.

At first I wasn't interested in this deal because there was water coming in the foundation in the basement and foundation work is not something that usually turns out pretty profit wise. I wait a week and call them again, we discuss the foundation issue and it turns out that the city had a pipe burst or a main wasn't working correctly so the city came in and fixed the issue within a week. 

After that issue was fixed, I was definitely still interested in the property. We met the sellers again, agreed on a price and the seller's signed the contract. We extended closing a few months so they can have time to move their belongings to their new place.