Creating a Team in Cleveland

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Hello, I am an Active Duty Sailor and have been researching the Cleveland market for the last few months. It is time for me to travel out there and start building a team of people that I can work with to begin building my investment portfolio. This will be a long distance investment strategy for at least the next year, at which point I am hoping to get stationed in Cleveland, move my family and begin doing more investments.

 I will be meeting with Holton Wise Property Group and see what they have to offer, but I'd also like to develop a list of people I could rely on in the Shaker Heights or East Cleveland area.

I'd like to develop a list of people I could meet with while I am out there. Please make recommendations for the following. Thanks for your help.

Real Estate Agent, preferrably one that specializes in investment properties and owns some of their own in the Shaker Heights area.

General Contractors

Property managers

Any Turnkey company that has proven success

Any person that would be willing to meet with me and mentor/guide me through this.

Anyone that would like to sell me a property

@Joel W.

You have made a great decision in choosing to look at Cleveland!  I have done a good amount of business with investors in the Heights areas, and have a good amount of contacts in the area.  Feel free to reach out.  I am happy to share contacts/information if it is helpful.  

I am a lifelong Shaker Resident and Army Vet.  Know the area, the people, the inspectors and police and fire.  Cleveland, Shaker, Cleveland Hts, Euclid, South Euclid...

@Joel W. IF you are looking at multifamily vs. SFR, for a property manager for the East side I use Midwest Realty; they are based in Willoughby. I also know an agent that knows and works the East side extensively. If you want either of their full contact info, just PM me.

Hey Joel, I saw your post here and wanted to reach out as well. If you are need of a home inspector, like most out of town investors, please feel free to contact me.


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@Joel W.

I didn't see you mention legal or tax advisers in your list. Feel free to contact my office to discuss these matters.

Also, you referenced "Shaker Heights" and "East Cleveland" as areas you may be interested in. "East Cleveland" is a term of art that refers to the inner-ring suburb of the same name. It does not mean the east side of City of Cleveland or the eastern suburbs. Most investors consider it to be a particularly challenging area and avoid it for investment purposes. Of course, there are some excellent investment areas on the east side or in the eastern suburbs. 

Ive been in the Shaker/Cleveland area for 24 years... its a nice area!

Property taxes are high in Shaker... but they maintain the city very well.... and its a decent to good school system... and the School system just got a new Superintendent and new principal at the High school ... so well see how things workout!

Best Wishes!
Also my aunt is a Realtor in this area.... and she has been in this area alot longer than me! She may be able to help you out! What exactly are you looking for?

@Joel W.  This thread was posted some time ago so no doubt you have started building your team. We (my wife and I) are out-of-state investors who are actively investing in Cleveland, so feel free to reach out anytime. We would be happy to share our team experience of building a team.

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