Any Investors want to network or looking for property in Columbus, oh

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I'm Robert Wright an Investor in Columbus, Ohio. Looking for Investors who want to network and just sit down and talk about real estate investing for Columbus. I'll like to know good and bad experiences from Investors who target The Columbus Market. Build relationships and who knows maybe close some deals together.! I love to hear from seasoned Investors even Newbies.  We all have to start somewhere. And I think BP is a great place to start. 

Hey, @Richelle 

I've been to a meeting before at Fort Rapids Hotel in Columbus, Ohio.

I don't know if that's the only one available but that's the only one I know. Also at the Meeting I went to people really were non-social. Also I didn't put myself out there as well, but I'm Interested in going to more meetings. So I can Network with a different group of Investors.

Do you go to the Meeting Regularly? 

Thanks for your response. I appreciate that you took time out your day to respond to my post. 


Robert Wright

@Robert Wright  There is more than one real estate group in Columbus. The one you attended was CPIA (Columbus Property Investors Association). I suggest you visit COREE (Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs). I think you will find the atmosphere warm, welcoming and the content thought provoking. I attend COREE regularly. Just the opinion of a happy member of the group :-)

Hi all, I just joined BP yesterday and am from central Ohio (Mt. Vernon) and own 1 rental in that area but interested in more especially in the Columbus area.  I currently live in Ocala, FL but travel back to OH regularly since my family is there. When is the August COREE meeting?  I will be in Columbus for a week or so in August.  I am interested in networking with anyone in the area there, new or experienced, buyer/seller/lender, etc.  Anyone feel free to reach out.

Sounds Great!

Thanks @Richelle T.   @Corey Liepelt  I'm definitely going to attend the COREE Meeting. First tuesday of every Month. I'll be sure to see both you Guys, Thanks so Much

Yes! I've spoke with @Brian Hayes about the Lunch Meetings awhile back. I would love to attend, what times are they held again? Is it a Monthly ordeal, or Weekly. Also can't wait to Meet up and Connect. Thanks @Stephanie H.  

I appreciate you guys responses.  

Thanks so Much