Looking for Info on Lakewood, Ohio Neighborhood

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@Jeffrey Boyce I'm a St Ed's alumni and my son goes there now. The area around the school has always been a good area to invest in (or live in). The rental market in Lakewood is probably the strongest its ever been. The challenge - now more so than ever- is getting the numbers to work due to the price appreciation that's occurred. The MLS shows that the median price increased over 11% from Jan 1 2017 to Dec 2018. So what you should expect is a property that's going to rent easily to good tenants (assuming its in good condition), will likely appreciate, but won't cash flow much or at all. Low risk profile investment.

@Don Petrasek thanks so much for the reply and detailed feedback and perspective. my realtor got back to me today and felt the same way but its great hearing various perspectives. thx again so much for the help.

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