Just Getting Started

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I want financial freedom. I'm currently working 3 jobs and getting no where quick. I'm leaning toward going with a buy and hold strategy. Holding for short term creating cash flow with rentals then using equity to fund future investments (I think that's how it works). I honestly wish I would have stumbled across BP 6 months ago before purchasing my primary residence. Its all part of the journey and I'm learning as I go. Glad to meet you. 

Oh yes, we all learn as we go, that's for sure.  I have about the same goal, except I am not working 3 jobs. I work 1, and I do a few extra side businesses to bring in money.  Why are you working so many jobs?   Send me a connection request if you would like, would be happy to network.   

I'm the bread winner in my household. My wife stays home with our 2 kids and is unable to work. The is no reliable or affordable child care in our area. I'm hoping through real estate I can create enough passive income to be able to drop down to 1 or 0 jobs. I'm sending you a connection request now. Thanks