What Type Of Market is OKC?

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Hey all my OKC BP People,

I just wanted to send a poll out there and try to really define what kind of real estate market OKC is. If you wouldn't mind, just a quick response to what is the best strategy (e.g. buy and hold, flipping, etc.) and why?


The OKC market is large (expecting 21000+) MLS transactions this year. That number does not include FSBO's or wholesale deals. There are different pockets and sub markets that tend to favor one strategy over another. Buy and hold definitely works, there are value opportunities, there are flipping opportunities, and a good amount of new construction/spec building - in my opinion.

all of the above.  you can do a bit of everything here.  i think that is the nice thing in okc.  i see folks being successful at it all with a reasonable amount of capital.  

Thanks for the Responses.

@Zach Sikes

 Where do you think is the best "pocket" for buy and hold strategy specifically for small multifamily (duplex-quadplex)?

@Jaren Woeppel

It depends on what you like. You can get s safer tenant in s safer area, or we can get s little better return in a riskier part of town. I have a couple in Edmond, and just bought another one in close in NW OKC. What types of tenants do you like? Do you like turn key rentals or value add?

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