OKC Property Managers

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I am looking for a recommendation for a property manager in Oklahoma City, OK. We have several properties we are looking at to buy but we need to verify the rents from the reputable source. Who or what tools do you use to determine real rent?  

Main Edge Properties can help you. Sandy or Mary. SFR, multi family, & Sec 8.

I have properties managed by both ladies & they rock. 

We use rentometer.com on rents. 

Zilllow can tell you what rents others are asking in your area - basically gives you a ceiling but not a floor. You can see the price history and days on market, which is helpful. Our MLS has some rental data. I also use rentometer - sometimes it's accurate and sometimes not. You can also have someone drive the neighborhood and call on the For Rent signs.

I'd recommend Integrity Oklahoma. Great flat percentage rate and very knowledgeable about all areas of the OKC metro. My experience is that a lot of property managers know certain parts of town, but not the overall picture. @Rhett Tullis is fairly active on here, and the principal behind Integrity.

Thanks @Levi Ballard also be careful with rentometer and the like in okc.  i don't really see them as very accurate and also see no way they are pulling good data other than the mls which is pretty much useless for rental data in okc.

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