Requirements for Finishing a Basement in OK?

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Hi BP!

First, let me say thank you! For the last year and a half, this community has been a wonderful place for learning as well as support.

I'm happy to say I am under contract and have been pre-approved for my first house-hack! It's an 2500 sq ft up-down duplex in a great part of town, and it has an unfinished basement that's about 1100 square feet.

MY QUESTION IS THIS: Does anyone know where you can find the Oklahoma requirements for what a finished basement needs? (ceiling height, egress, etc.) 

Thanks again!


@Lili Thompson

Hi there! I have the sections printed out from the IRC 2012 regarding basements and I’ll see if I can dig them out for you for some more detailed info. I’m the meantime here is what I can remember off the top of my head.

-Make sure it’s zoned for two-family dwellings if it’s intended to be a legal duplex

-Min ceiling height is 7ft from finished floor

-Obstructions(air ducts, piping, etc..) can be no lower than 6’4”

-Any wood framing that touches masonry(brick, concrete, floors and walls) must be treated lumber or divided by a moisture barrier

-Every room must have an egress window if it is considered living space (bathrooms, closets, mechanical rooms are not living spaces)

Great idea and best of luck to you!

@Mason Jeffries  

Thank you for this info! I will look up the IRC documents as well, but this definitely gets me off to a great start for things to check. 

It's an up-down duplex already, so I'm hoping that finishing the basement won't be a problem in terms of zoning. I also know the seller said the ceiling height is 7 feet, but now I'll be sure to check if there will be room to put in finish the floor and ceiling and maintain that height.

Again, thanks so much for the great info!