Looking for Portfolio lender in Oregon

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Hello,  I am looking for a portfolio lender in or around Portland OR.  My husband and I are close to owning 10 rental properties and planning to go over that number in a few months.  I need a portfolio lender that will finance more than 10 rental properties.  Any recommendations or directions are appreciated!  



Hey Kayla,

Congratulations on your successes.  I have been working with PNWFCU and they do a good job.  They aren't large enough to do big multifamily (like 20+ units), but have been great for a few smaller 1-4 unit properties.

If you find a good one please let me know, I'm always looking for good lenders.  Best of luck!

@Jonathan Blum, do they finance more than 10 single family homes?  That's what I am looking for.  I have a good commercial lender that I work with for multifamily.    

most of your small commercial banks in town will take a stab at it.. if you have deposit relationships with them that are meaningful


lewis and clark

M and T

pacific continental


then you have the credit unions.

Thank you Jay.  I will reach out to them.  

shoot me a PM I may have a lender for u but it will really depend on the rates you are looking for 

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