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I am going to visit the Portland, Oregon area early August and would love to network with other real estate developers or investors that have a knowledge of developing Pocket Neighborhoods or have worked on projects with prefab tiny homes.  Thanks in advance for any leads of the right contacts to network with.

That'll be a fun tour @Liz Murphy . There are not very many people that have developed pocket neighborhoods in Portland, but if you want to talk to two of the best then I would try reaching out to @Mark Desbrow at Green Light Development who has done two pocket neighborhoods I believe, as well as Eli Spevak from Orange Splot who does amazingly creative work and is also a pioneer of pocket neighborhoods in Portland.

Currently there is a proposal in Portland called the Residential Infill Project that seeks to provide a path for more pocket neighborhoods to be developed, but it is a rocky road and some of the latest versions have really dwindled down the policy's potential effectiveness.

If you want to check out another great pocket neighborhood while you're in town but want to escape Portland go to White Salmon, WA in the Gorge. Great project there that was allegedly hard fought to get community acceptance, but now is widely hailed.

If you're into tiny homes you can tour several of the manufacturing shops in town. St. John's has several and it's fun to see this industry take root. It isn't a mass movement by any stretch but slowly but surely more are popping up. Not that long ago Portland hosted a tiny house convention. It may be an annual thing so check it out.

@Neal Collins   this type of developing is not for the faint of heart city Of portland has become a nightmare for this stuff.

that little 3 lot deal on Ivy we talked about 3 years ago I am finally getting my permits.. I will never do anything in the city of portland again.. its just too painful... 

I think i know the white salmon project it was done by an architect.. I offered to buy the remaining lots a few years back.. its pretty cool but we could not come to terms. 

my airplane partner is doing tiny homes he has a tiny home factory between Oregon city and Canby.. and is doing his first one in St. Helens an eight plex.. the OP can schedule a time to go to the factory i bet. 

His target market though is rural  lock and leave cabins.. if you have ever owned property back in the woods or a cabin that is kind of isolated many times they get broken into.. this form of housing is literally bullet proof lock and leave.

I was just at a RE conference this week in san Deigo and one of the guys in Storage business was talking about using these for storage factilitys.. you can stack them 5 high then build a facade around them.. one company has got that working..

its is wyers end  I beleive.. although Neal may have another one in mind.

when your out there look at the Village at Rand road in Hood river .. I built that one.. its really cool and very portalnd esque .. if i do say so ..

@Liz Murphy this was really popular right before the crash in Portland. They were implementing common greens subdivisions.

I have done and assisted in 3 of them here in Portland.

One being Blue Barry Lane development was in NE Portland, 1st LEED platinum subdivision in the county. 

Eli Spevak of Orangle Splot, LLC, is one that had been in the fight for a long time.


The is also a woman named Linda Manard of http://www.nichedesignbuild.com/ she started a tiny house community. 

Neither are pre manufactures, but I have a depth of knowledge when it comes to that type of construction. 

Good luck and let me know if I can assist. 

@Liz Murphy You might check out Ross Chapin architects.  They have done quite a few of these in the outlying areas.  The first one I ever heard of was Salish Pond Cottages in Fairview - I'm sure there were others before that but that is when it first popped on my radar.  They are the architect for another project in Gresham.  Here's an article on their current project in Gresham.  I am super interested in these kinds of projects.  I live in the Oregon wine country and think it is perfect environment for this concept.  


@Lisa Thoele thanks - I actually tracked down the developer for Salish Pond Cottages - love their look and the concept.  Thanks for the article - love it has been popular concept for the West - need to overcome some barriers for the East Coast folks.