GC looking to connect

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Wanting to say hi and reach out to others in the area. I'm a GC with a few rentals but mostly looking for rehabs. I usual work in the SW Portland are, but outside of Portland proper.  Mcminnville to Forest Grove to Hillsboro to Wilsonville and points in between. 

I'm trying to get out to any networking events in the greater Portland area as well, so let me know of your favorites.

Hey Jack, Good to meet you here on BP. I live over in Oregon City. I'm on the hunt for my first property, 2-4 plex in the general Portland area. I haven't been to the local meetups yet but hopefully will soon. 

Hey Jack, sorry I missed your original post. Would love to hear about your experiences flipping in the last few months. How have you held up as the market inhales a bit here through winter?

Hi Mark, thanks for bringing this post back to life! Oregon City is an amazing town and I love the potential there. I’m often extolling its virtues to my buyers! Good luck in your hunt for property here-let us know how we can help!


Hey Mathew,

I grew up in Molalla but have lived in Oregon City since 2008 and love it here. There's duplex up the hill near Safeway that seems rundown/poorly managed with good rehab/value add potential. I've run the numbers on it and ultimately it seems too "rough" of a  neighborhood than what my criteria is. Maybe Class C+, but I am not very experienced at analyzing the neighborhood. I'm looking more for B.

So you work in the Oregon City area? Do you own any investments here? 

I have noticed that buying in the historical district of Oregon City can have it's challenges.