REIA or meet-up group in Central Oregon

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I am a newbie in Madras, OR, and just purchased my first duplex. Even though we have previously rented out two of our primary residents, with a whole host of ups and downs, going through this process has been totally new in so many ways. I have experienced a huge learning curve! I have looked around, and don't know of an REIA or meet-up group specifically for folks like us. Is there a group of investors/lenders/wholesalers/etc. interested in starting a Madras/Redmond/Prineville meet-up? Sounds like there are more of us out there than I initially realized. Let's help each other out!


I just got home from a BP meet-up in Bend. It is a great group of people. I've only been twice.

If you want start a different group closer to you, I'd attend!


Hi Eric we are newbies in Madras also. Attended our first Meetup in Bend last night. Was a great place to meet new people with similar and different interests in real estate. They meet once a month. Hope to see you at the next one. Kate and Shaun

Hey guys!  Thanks for the replies!  How do I get info about the Bend group?

I would love to start a meetup, just want to see who is out there and what the interest level would be first.  In the meantime, maybe something more casual.  It would be great to meet for lunch on a Saturday sometime.

Bleu, you don't happen to be the art teacher at MHS, do you?  I taught there for five years.  Great place!  So many incredible educators there.

Yes. Yes, I am ;)

The Bend BP group meets the first Thursday of every month at Level 2 in the Old Mill.  There are people of all experience levels; super chill atmoshere.

Message me for more info.  


I will try and make it out to the next event too! I am excited to network through the bigger pocket community. Always looking for more clients and connections within our community

Hey I just came across this post. It looks like two years ago was the last time it was replayed to. I am currently moving to bend on Dec 24th and house hacking a duplex. Defiantly interested in attending a meet BP meet up when I get into town. If anyone from this post knows if that is still going on and when the meetings are taking place and where that would be great!