Getting a Heloc on a Rental

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Good afternoon,  I have somewhat struck out on finding a financial institution that will open a heloc on a rental property. Does anyone have a recommendation for a small local bank or lender that will do a heloc on a rental property that is paid off? Any advise or tips would be beyond appreciated. We are not in a rush we just he want to have this open and ready for when we will need it . 

Thank you in advance. 

@Jessica Kirby I don't know of a specific bank but you are definitely on the right track with small local banks. I would not call it a HELOC when asking because it is not your home and therefore not a HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit). Simply ask for a credit lien secured by real estate.

Sadly some people at a bank will say "we cannot do that"  when he or she should say "I can't do it ,but the guy in the next office does those all day long"

The only one I could find was WF and I checked most of the major banks and credit unions around. I was able to get 60% LTV and a good interest rate for a $75 annual fee. This was about six months ago. Contact Bob Archer at WF Mortgage.

Try Banner Bank as well- we started Talking with them about this and didn’t end up following through for various reasons- but it was possible. 

I have the same experience. I just put a HELOC on my rental. Yes, they called it a HELOC, so use both labels when asking. It was thru my Credit Union. Banner bank is also a good place to check, they love local business people. I got an 80%LTV with my lender, so shop around.