Probate - Clackamas County courthouse woes

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I am interested in direct mailing owner's of property in probate. I realize there are marketing companies that will sell lists, but I thought it would be wise to go to the courthouse before spending money on that kind of thing. I went to the Clackamas County courthouse and accessed the list of cases, and opened up probably 7 or 8 different cases and clicked on all available links. None of the information I found pertained to real property, (or any other assets for that matter).

Has anyone else done this successfully and have any idea what I did wrong?

@Alex Wade

I've sourced thousands of probates from Oregon courts. Some of the petitions will provide info on the real property the decedent owned. But not very many will. Currently I source probates from Multnomah and Washington counties, but the petitions are pretty much the same for all Oregon counties. I take a camera with me and take hundreds of photos. This will save you time in the long run.  Later I run the decedents addresses through the county recorders offices and that's when I'm able to determine if the decedent in fact owned the property listed as his/her address. I hope that helps. If I can answer any other questions feel free give me a shout.