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I would appreciate any recommendations for a real estate savvy CPA in the Lancaster, PA area...preferably one that is willing to work with investors with small portfolios. thanks. Rob

I'd like a recommendation on that as well, if anyone has someone good

We'd also appreciate recommendations on a CPA and an attorney in Lancaster County.  Thanks!

Thank you Claudia. Anyone in particular that you like better than the others?


Hi everybody

I'm located just over the river in York county I have been looking at Lancaster city as a potential area for investment in buy and hold properties. I am semi familiar with the area.

Do you focus your investment in Lancaster city or in the county?


Well it looks like I've finally found some BiggerPocket members in my neck of the woods. 

@Eric Schrader - I'm also over the water in York County - South York, to be more precise.

What area are you in, Eric?

@ROB BLEECHER pleasure to meet you! Hope the information that @Claudia Burchstead provided is enough for you.

I found their website and read it over and they look like a solid recommendation:

I also found Ron Shephard just by typing in: real estate cpa lancaster pa (in the handy-dandy Google search bar). This was the second result.

Third result is rkl. They appear to be a much larger firm. Would be interested in knowing their prices. Hopefully they aren't exorbitant. If they are, there are plenty of more local CPAs you can support :). Hope this also helps you Mr. Bleecher.

I'm very happy to help any of you on your real estate journey. Whether if it's sweat equity work, office administration help; anything just to get more involved in the industry and learn-while-on-the-job.

Thanks for the tips!  It doesn't look like any of the Trout accountants are Enrolled Agents, but it seems like they may be well-versed in real estate.  Lots to consider.  Thanks again!

Ron Shepherd is a savvy real estate CPA, RE Broker, and HML in Lancaster. He also attends the REI Meetup Group in Lancaster monthly at LBC. His contact information is:

I know him personally and utilize him as a HML.

My real estate attorney is Jeff Mohler.  Contact info:

Great guys to work with.

Please mention me when you contact them.

My wife uses RKL for her larger s corp company, and we use them for personal and they are pricey but great.

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