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We recently completed our first flip, and would like to either pick up at least another flip or even a rental. We are having a very difficult time finding a property and I am starting to consider if we need to start working with an agent who specializes with working with Flippers/Investors. I have read lots of articles on the benefits of working with someone who is specialized, however, now I am having a difficult time finding someone who specializes in this. Does anyone have any recommendations who specialize in the Philadelphia Suburbs? 

If you can work with an agent who specializes in it that is great. If I was you, I'd look for a newer agent who is extremely hungry to grow. Interview a couple of them and see what they know and what they admit they don't know. If you have the funds or the hard money lenders backing you, the agent is more to help you find a home at that point. If they are scouring the MLS looking for the new fixer uppers or the old ones that have dropped in price, they can help notify you when something comes on. They also can setup a listing alert so that you get notified immediately and don't have to waste your time every day looking at Zillow or

@Jason Arcuri Thank you for your response. Actually we have been working with a newer agent, and we also have automatic listings already set-up. We also have a very good budget to work with, can close immediately, we have a pretty large farm area to work with, and can do deals without requiring even an inspection as our partner is able to perform that task when we look at properties. However, I have been the one spending hours a day combing through the MLS listings, and trying to find the houses. I have read that a lot of houses sell before they even hit the market, and on several occasions we have been a few moments too late. I was hoping to connect with someone who has connections and specializes in investments, so we (myself and the agent) are looking together for the next deal.

yeah that stinks when there are inside deals.  Another way to go is look for an agent who does reo properties they will have the inside track

Hi Ashley, I'm an agent/investor and I work with many investors (new and experienced). I'd be happy to assist with the process. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I'm positive I can find you some really good flips as well as properties for buy and hold. 

Hi Ashley, 

I am a wholesaler in the suburbs and the city, based out of West Chester. Feel free to connect with me via phone or email.

Cheers :)

Hey Ashley,

What areas of Philly or the suburbs are you looking invest in? I am not surprised that you have found yourself being moments too late on flips, the good ones do have a tendency to move quickly. I have been looking at potential flips with clients only to have them sell during the 30 minutes I am in the property.


Ashley, if you ever want to expand to the Maryland/DC area I can help. I have a number of investors I'm currently working with. I pre-screen properties for them and only forward the ones that have a significant gap between asking price and ARV after running a CMA. This allows them to make offer decision significantly quicker. Time delay is definitely critical in securing MLS properties.

Hi @Ashley Wilson ,  my strategy is flipping exclusively in the suburbs and I have completed a few flips in Telford, Collegeville, and Souderton.  I don't know your acquestion preferences are but if you are looking for an agent who specializes in foreclosure (they have traditional properties as well), then I have an agency that I believe will work for you.  They are very investor friendly and really understand the market in the burbs. 

Please IM me and I would be happy to share name and a strategy that has work for me, that allowed me to get the jump on other buyers and secure the property.


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