Bundle Deal In Reading PA

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A landlord wants to sell 5 properties as a bundle deal.

2bed 1bath: Rent$700
2bed 1bath: R$700
3bed 1bath: R$775
3bed 1bath: R$606
5bed 2b: R$850
2bed 2b: R$700

She wants a bundle deal price of $279,000.

When all the ARV's added up to $392,458

Now here is here i need help. How would i find buyers outside my state (In Reading PA) as well of should do a contract per home and is it even possible to do a bundle contract or for all the assets ?

How did you arrive at the ARV? Is that what the seller told you or have you independently researched to get that figure? Are all units occupied with tenants paying the stated rents? What are the neighborhoods A, B C, D?

Look at Craigslist for Reading there are lots of properties for sale, compare those to the offering.

@Ray Agosto

Are these properties in the city, or on the outskirts?  Also, you say that there are 5 properties, but you list the numbers for 7 properties.  Is it 5 or 7?

Jason has good points. Also are these units already rented or projected rentals?   Numbers seem high.....a lot of bad sections of Reading and also a lot of poor real estate bars on condition of house.  I know of one realtor that bundles and not too successful. Craig's list is good start and I would go singles w much better detail

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@Jason Krick I do apologize but there are 7 units not 5 that was a typo.

@TImothy Talarico There units are already rented out as well so no projecting rent. The owner is a tired landlord and wants to sell all the properties 

@David Krulac The ARV above is what there all worth ($329,458) but she is asking for $279,000.

@Ariel Deleon i had recently inboxed you.

Still think there is a lot to this.   In order to buy a bundle of seven rentals I would want to go through each house individually and review the rental agreements for enforcement/continuance and make a call from there.   Also depends what part of town they are located in currently and lastly what is the condition of the homes and I would want to know what a previous year's maintenance fees look like. 

@TImothy Talarico well that is what i was in the process of doing i was just feedback a previous bundle deals. 

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