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I'm in the process of looking for a investor friendly realtor surrounding reading PA mainly because of the purpose of obtaining a list of cash brought properties within the last 9-12 Months. Would anyone know a realtor of such or a process of finding a realtor within that area?

I could list a number of realtors Ray......let's side bar this.  I grew up in Reading so know the area very well.  

You are going to want a realtor who is also an investor. We have a different way of looking at property, you need someone who understands that. Ideally you want one who understands creative finance. The only place you are going to find someone like that is at your local REIA or a real estate related Meetup.

@Ray Agosto I would suggest that you interview several Realtors and ask them the following questions, to ascertain if they are truly Investor Friendly, or if they are throwing you a sales pitch.

1. How many investors do you currently work with and how many investors have you worked with, in the past?

2. How many transactions have you closed, with investors?

3. Do you currently own any Investment Properties? If so, what type do you own?

4. Are you a member of any REIAs?

I am currently working with a realtor who has other investors. Although I see the benefit I am wondering how this relationship works and if this is typical. She has brought me properties to look at then as soon as we are done with the walk through she does one with her next investor and so on. If she is an investor herself wouldn’t it be fair to say she will discourage me to look at properties she herself is interested in if I brought them to her to see? I understand it’s business but every property I see with her I am automatically up against all her other investors. She obviously doesn’t discuss offers between us but I just wonder if I were working with a realtor that didn’t already have a list of investors I would have a better chance of offers being accepted since I’m not automatically being put into a bidding war.

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