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Anyone have any good recommendations on property managers in either East Stroudsburg or Allentown? I am looking at reviews online and I am not very confident in any of them. 

Check out Keystone Property Management

Justin Brown, Real Estate Agent in PA (#RS329365)
(814) 933-8623

Rigo, please call on NEPA Management Associates in Stroudsburg. Dawn or Amy. Free consultation. Good people.

Hi Rego - 

I own properties in Allentown, PA and I decided to self-manage for the same reasons you gave.

I read the yelp/google reviews for the property management companies(keystone included) and the reviews were not nice.

Please keep me updated on who you decide to use.

Basit Siddiqi, CPA

I got some repair quotes from Keystone....   they were very high.  

What do you have that you want managed? Depending on your portfolio, there are a couple of good companies I could suggest.

Sam, any suggestions for Bethlehem, PA?


Im currently self managing 6 units between Easton and Whitehall, however I do have a great relationship with KPMM Bethlehem (they are NOT the same company as KPMM Allentown). Jeanne Rossi is the one to chat with. I currently use them for some of my maintenance (when Im unable to do it due to other commitments), and ad-hock other issues. 

Very easy to work with.

@Julian. Apex

@Rigo V.  Advanced Realty Services, inc. or Apex. 

For the record, I have an ownership interest in ARS but I am not the person deciding on accepting or declining new accounts.

Thanks Sam, I’ll check it out.

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