Looking for Beginner Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

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I am interested in acquiring a multifamily property in order to house hack and live in one unit and rent the other unit or units out.  I would like to find an agent in the Harrisburg, PA area who can help me with this and doesn't mind working with a beginner investor/first time home buyer.   

I have been investing in real estate for about a year now.  I focus on vacant land and have had great success but I would like to dip my toes in the housing market by acquiring a multifamily property.  Anyone have any recommendations for me?

Hi @Joe P.

Give me a call, my office is in Mechanicsburg.  I have bought and sold over 900 properties for my own inventory and did Bigger Pockets Podcast #82.

I've done vacant lots also, both scattered lots and land subdivision and development in 4 local counties.

Thanks @David Krulac !  I noticed you were in the Mechanicsburg area when you replied to one of my posts about a week ago.  I listened to the biggerpockets and flipnerd podcasts you did and it was inspiring to hear how you started and grew your business!  I'd love to chat and I'll be sure to give you a ring soon!

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