Protection Services for utility lines - Pittsburgh

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Hi BP community,

Has anyone in the Pittsburgh area, specifically serviced by People's Gas, Duq Light or PAWC purchased one of those utility line protection plans and actually had to file a claim? Was it worth it? Would you recommend buying those services for rental and/or personal residences (or neither)? I only know one person who used one, it was years ago, when the gas company was under a different name, and he had a horrible experience and said he'd never do it again, but that's only one very outdated reference. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Megan

Only one experience with Peoples and it was a good experience. Line broke in the dead of winter last year.  They came out in the middle of the knight, dug up my yard and fixed the problem in a matter of hours. Never had a problem with any or my rentals yet !!!

To your success


PS Tell Ian and Alex I said hi 

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We have it added to all out policies & it's about $20/yr. The one property we took back (DILO) cost us about $9,000 for a new water line as we didn't yet have it insured & we already had an offer. Never again!!!

@Megan Clancy

It can be added to your insurance, but you need to talk to the insurance company to see if they do it. Not all do. 

@Casey J Burkhead can probably provide more info. I have my utility lines covered on a policy written by Philadelphia Contributionship.

I have a couple houses that I've been too lazy to switch still with Nationwide (I think) and they DO NOT provide it. So for those I use the American Water line coverage plan. Was pretty easy to file a claim when I had to. Turned out to be the city's problem though so you know that went incredibly smoothly. 

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