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Good morning BiggerPockets!  

My husband and I are relatively new to BiggerPockets so wanted to start by saying hi!  We recently purchased our first investment property and aside from finding great tenants have been working on assembling our team (we will be managing the property ourselves) - we already have a wonderful landlord-tenant attorney but are looking to you guys for 

1.  Who else should be part of the team? 

2.  Hoping to find a great CPA with small business/real estate experience and knowledge of tax-efficiency and tax planning - we want someone who can offer anticipatory guidance.  We live in northwest Philly but are happy to travel for the right person!  

3.  To have or not to have a home warranty policy on the rental - we have heard both fantastic stories and horror stories - for those of you who have a home warranty, is there one that you have been very happy with?  any that have been terrible?

Thanks in advance and hope to meet you in person sometime!  


@Daila Pravs Welcome to BP, and congrats on your first purchase!

Having a good CPA who will also help you with strategy is really important.

A good insurance agent is key to getting you the best coverage, at the lowest rates.

Since you are managing yourselves, you need a whole team of handymen (plumber, electrician, etc.) unless you can do it all yourself.

BP is a great place to find some of those people. I can recommend some, please feel free to PM me.

@Daila Pravs

Welcome to Biggerpockets!

It looks like it is an exciting time to be in Philadelphia!

Eagles winning a superbowl - it also looks like the 76ers and phillies will be have competitive teams soon.

I normally advise people to have add an agent and lender to their team first. However, it looks like you acquired a property already.

The next people you normally want to add to your team is the attorneys, CPA's and handymen/contractors.

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