Zoning Philadelphia RM1,RSA5,CMX2.5

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Had a few questions about different zoning restrictions in Philadelphia, would greatly appreciate any input. Firstly, the zoning RM1 or RSA5 both require a minimum lot width to be 15 feet & 1440 sf. Are these building requirements or simply requirements needed to switch the zoning to one of these categories. I find blocks of homes zoned in either RSA5 or RM1 that don’t have these measurements. 

Additionally, the zoning guide states “*A lot containing at least 1600 sq. ft. may be divided into lots with a minimum lot size of 800 sq. ft.” Why would anyone divide the lots this way if this would prohibit them from building on it due to the 1440sf requirement?

Lastly, regarding CMX2.5 “*Residential uses are prohibited along the ground floor frontage.” what is considered residential uses ? Can I build a fitness center for the exclusive use for the residents of that building ? Would that be a residential use ?

Many thanks, Nathan

Hi @Nathan Shultz I can put you in touch with an amazing Philly law firm that focuses on zoning issues if that would be helpful to you. Zoning is a very fluid reality in Philly with changes being made by City Counsel and the ZBA hearing tons of requests for variances and changes. As the zoning code changes, they don't require pre-existing buildings to necessarily conform if it would be a significant hardship to do so (Like tearing them down and rebuilding).

Hi @Peter Dunne thank you for posting that informative response. I don't have any specific questions for a zoning attorney I'm just in need of clarity on the general allowance for each zoning code. Like what exactly classifies non-residential on CMX2.5 etc While I am in pursuit of properties, that information is quite useful. Thanks for taking the time to answer my inquiry.
Regards Nathan


I am working on acquiring a property- the investment makes sense as a multi unit building- triplex- It is zoned RSA5- I am familiar with the process to get a variance-

My question is- I noticed other RSA5 properties in the area have 3-4 units- I pull the public records and info an do not see a variance or anything about the change in use or any permits for that matter 

Is there a place I can check if a variance was filed on a property for multi unit use?  it seems that if there was a variance the property is worth more.


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