Easton, PA Market - Good Investment Area?

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Hi All, 

I am looking to invest in the Easton, PA market over the upcoming months, and would like to know if you have invested in or around this area, and what were your key takeaways? Some background, I am looking to buy and hold in this area.

Overall, I am interested in learning which areas in and around Easton are better than others (investment wise). Additionally, have you acquired good returns in this market. 

Thanks for your time, I look forward to your responses and experiences, 

Kyle Lauriano

Kyle - I just closed another duplex in the area last Friday... it will take some "management" work to iron out the kinks, but this is how we find opportunity. The property itself is fantastic... inherited tenant not so much, BUT, there was a vacancy & it was in the contract to let us market it while under agreement. Im happy to say

The area overall is like any other, good - bad - "no go" zones. Spend a little time over there and you'll get a better feel for the nuances. I personally dont go into the west ward or south of the river. I use "great schools' as a rental tool - tells us a fair amount of where our residents want to live. 

Ill be happy to chat off-line as to where we go and how we run our numbers. Were getting phenomenal returns and helping turn the neighborhood into better places - getting the property is just the beginning.