Looking to network in the Harrisbug PA area

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Hey BP,

I'm an investor from Charleston SC looking to network with investor friendly Realtors, contractors, investors, and property managers in the Harrisburg PA area. My wife has family in the New Cumberland area and we are looking to purchase buy hold property that we can rent out until we move to the area. We are looking for BRRRR and buy hold opportunities. Shoot me a contact request and I'd love to connect up with you!

@Brad Baker   I used to live in New Cumberland for many years, great area.  This year I sold a 3 unit there.  Cumberland County is the fastest growing county in the state of which there are 67 counties.  The largest employer is the state government with the capital being here, and the second largest employer is the Federal government.  Hershey is close by and there are other large employers in the area. Contact me off line for more info.

@Brad Baker

I bought the 3 unit from @David Krulac :)

I do a lot of marketing to distressed properties and I’ve been able to help other investors out from time to time. DM me if you want to meet up sometime.

Nice I will coming to the New Cumberland/Mechanicsburg area in 1.5-3 years. I'm originally from Lancaster but will be residing closer to capital due to employment being in either New Cumberland or Mechanicsburg with the Federal govt. I'm looking for a multi-family property where I can house hack.

Hello @Brandon Wagner !  Closer to the time when you're ready to make the purchase I would certainly reach out to @David Krulac and @Kyle M. .  They are both great resources and could probably help find you a good potential house hack.  Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about the area.  I grew up in New Cumberland the first 18 years of my life and have 1 property in Cumberland county and 7 in Dauphin.  The Harrisburg market has worked well and I too started off house hacking a 4 unit property in midtown Harrisburg.  BiggerPockets is coming out with a house hacking book in which they are featuring my story in there, and  they will be coming out with a house hacking calculator in the near future that may be beneficial to you as well.  Good luck!

Thank you very much Travis. I greatly appreciate the time you took to set me on the correct path to success. I did listen to the Podcast #82 with Mr. Krulac, his book is in currently in my Amazon wish list. That is good insight as well knowing BP is coming out with additional resources dedicated to house hacking. Also would you be able to recommend any particular Real estate investing associations that are local? I will be in PA visiting for 1 week. 

Hello @Brandon Wagner .  I would recommend downloading the 'Meetup' app or going to www.meetup.com and search real estate and you will find all the local real estate clubs in the area.  One of them is CARPOA (Capital Area Rental Property Owners  Association) that @David Krulac is a part of as well.  Let me know when you're heading into the area and if possible maybe we can meet up.

I appreciate that Travis!!! I did look into some potential REIA meetings but unfortunately I have only found 1 that's actually in the Lancaster area on Wednesday. I'm in town from Wednesday until next Tuesday. I'm pretty much available the entire time. Just let me know if you are free and we could potentially Meetup for a coffee or lunch?

Hey @Brandon Wagner and @Travis Wylie

There are a couple meetups in the Lancaster, PA area for real estate each month, but only one I am aware during the next week. I am also a real estate investor in the Lancaster, PA area. I own a couple duplexes in Lancaster city and looking for ways to expand my business relationships and portfolio of real estate. I would be interested in getting together with you guys to talk if my schedule lines up with when you are meeting.

@Brandon Wagner - Unfortunately I'll be unavailable for that meeting, but message me and we can try to get together this weekend possibly

@Gregg Shulenberger - To be honest I haven't made it to any of the Lancaster meetups, just the Harrisburg ones/Camp Hill/York/Lebanon.  My friend @Kyle M. did a meeting with other investors at Troegs Brewery once and we were just talking about doing another one soon.  I will certainly let you know when that happens if you have any interest with meeting some other local investors and talk real estate over a few cold ones.

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