Pennsylvania House Bill 71

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The Erie Apartment Association where some of my rentals are located sent me an e-mail. Since they want Pennsylvania landlords to know about it I don't believe they'll mind me copying and pasting: 

"CALL TO ACTION for HB 71House Bill 71 was introduced by Rep. Greg Rothman. If it becomes law, it will shorten the eviction process. It would allow the landlord to obtain an order of possession immediately after the court decides an eviction case in favor of the landlord, instead of having to wait 10 days to allow the tenant to appeal.The order of possession would then be served on the tenant, and the eviction could take place on the 12th day after being served, unless an appeal is filed within 10 days after the court decision. The 10 day appeal period would run concurrently with the 12 days provided under the order of possession, thereby shortening the eviction process by 8 days.

The current eviction process takes a minimum of 38 days. Shortening it by 8 days would allow it to be completed before another month's rent comes due - rent which is not included in the landlord's money judgment obtained in the eviction case. Rent which could not be recovered without filing another separate legal case against the tenant.

HB 71 only shortens the time it takes to complete the eviction process, it does not affect the due process rights of either the tenant or the landlord.

You can determine who your PA House Member is, and obtain their contact information from the following web site:

Thank you for your prompt action.


@Karl B.

Thanks for sharing this, Karl. Just evicted a tenant in Erie this week and it felt like conquering a city after a long siege. Shortening the process would make a huge difference. All for it.

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@Karl B.

Thanks for sharing this, Karl. Just evicted a tenant in Erie this week and it felt like conquering a city after a long siege. Shortening the process would make a huge difference. All for it.

No worries, Good Sir. And aww, man! An eviction already? 

Truth be told, I almost had my first eviction while I was home but like a cat with 9 lives (my tenant is the cat in this case as she has gotten close to being evicted in the past due to nonpayment) my tenant and I went to the local gas station and she took the money out of the ATM to pay me. 

I felt like such a bada-s! That and people probably thought I was a drug dealer when she handed me the money but hey, I've got bills to pay (rehabbing one of my units because it's now vacant after a tenant O.D.'d in it last month; but hey, it still beats working a 9-5!). 

Using the link in the top post I e-mailed the House delegate and pleaded my case as to why he should support the bill (shorter evictions = less landlord cost = landlord being less likely to raise rents on the good, paying tenants).

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Thanks for posting that here.  It is a very worth while legislation for landlords.  Rep. Rothman is himself a landlord.

 My pleasure. I read an article about him and it sounds like he has quite the rental portfolio and is very successful in real estate. 

Yes Rep Rothman is one of the good guys. He serves part of my district.  Problem is we have a bad apple of a Governor so he'd probably squash the bill if it comes to him. 

Also a good idea to have your lease include a clause that has the tenant agreeing to waive the notice to quit, to shorten time to evict; existing PA landlord tenant law allows this (magistrates might still demand that the tenant be given that notice separately, even though the lease itself IS the notice to quit IMO).

great idea .. sadly as soon as it gets to Tom Wolfes desk it will be promptly vetoed . He never saw a union handout , Blackdoor deal ,or tax hike he didn’t like so I’m skeptical. Most of those tenants effected are his voting base so you can be sure he’s going to save his political future if given the choice .