Private Money Lenders/Hard Money Lenders in Rhode Island

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Are there any legit active private money lenders/Hard Money lenders in Rhode Island who my team and I can connect with? If so, please by all means, reply below on this topic as soon as possible, thank you all in advance!!!

@Octavian Goncalves there are several local investor groups including at least one in Rhode Island, one in southern Mass, and one in Fall River, which all have active hard money lenders.

So I would recommend attending one of those and either standing up and asking the group broadly (if there's an opportunity to do so), or just talking with people before/during/after the meeting. You could also go directly to the people running the meeting as they'll likely know some of the major players.

The group I attend most often, which meets monthly in Warwick, has had at least 5 hard money lenders stand up an announce their services at meetings in the last few months.

Hard/private money lending is, like a lot of business, based on relationships, so unless you have a specific deal you want to post the basics about online, I think you might have an easier time just meeting some potential lenders and finding out they're usual terms, what they'll want from you when you find a deal, etc.

@Octavian Goncalves Yes I will see if I can a couple to you later tonight or tomorrow. But I still recommend you attend the group(s). It's always much better to contact someone after you've met them and had a meaningful (even if brief) conversation in person, than a cold call, email or (worst of all) text.