Charleston, South Carolina - REALTOR & Investor

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Hello BP

My name is Nathaniel Rand. I am an active Realtor and inspiring Investor in the Charleston area market. I have worked the retail side of Real Estate and will continue to do so to remain active and informed on the growing real estate community here in Charleston. Saying that, I have continued my education with a strong focus on Investing strategies, financing, management, and most importantly exits. I have reached a point where "book" education can only continue to take me so far. I am actively seeking a mentor here in the Charleston & surrounding area to allow me the privilege to learn and assist as they see fit. I believe I can bring a tremendous amount of value to your current operations. In addition to my direct experience in RE sales, I have a strong analytical/financial mindset build upon by years of trading in the financial markets (still active), I have a growing web/technical skill set ("" or "" to provide examples), and a strong blend of creative problem solving established through years of hard knocks. I have the time and patience to see this through. I am willing to provide assistance however you see fit (grunt work, errand boy, etc..) to earn the opportunity to learn. I would appreciate any feedback or direction that you believe may help me achieve this goal. Thank you for your time.