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I am currently looking to invest in my first property here in the upstate. Greer, Sc. to be exact. Since this is my first investment, I was wondering if any one on BP had any recommendations for a home inspector. Someone that has been in the business for a long time and knows what they are doing. The property is not huge, but I want to make sure I'm not caught with any surprises after closing. 

I am also looking for a property management company to help manage my first property. The place I'm interested in is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home, no garage, no HOA, close to downtown Greer, Sc. Any info would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks

Message me for a good home inspector.  We have a good guy we use on all of our rental and flip purchases.

Our brokerage also does property management so feel free to contact me about that also if you are interested.

Jason, I am in Columbia and not as familiar with the upstate, but I have used Tim with Pinpoint Inspections several times now and he has been great.  Very thorough and friendly.  I believe they do serve the entire state, but there may be a small service fee for outlying areas.  If you cannot find anyone locally, I would definitely suggest them. 



I've used Russell Truluck our of Travelers Rest for a number of house inspections in Greer.  Anytime I come across something that I don't feel comfortable inspecting myself, he's the guy I call.  http://truluckconsulting.com/

Good luck.

Thanks for the home inspector information. I will be checking them out pretty soon.

We use Tim Bridgeman -- He is extremely thorough

@Brian Walsh manages our properties in Greenville County. He has proven to be an amazing manager during our time working with him, and from listening to the podcasts, it would seem that his level of work is way above average. (Website: http://www.propgreenville.com/)

He is also an investor and BP member, so even better. 

For inspections, we've used http://www.housemaster.com, but I may check out some of the others mentioned here for future properties. 

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