​Virtual Networking From The Coffee Underground

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Virtual Networking From The Coffee Underground

I heard a rumor that a coffee shop in downtown Greenville has free internet access.

I'm going to check it out tomorrow Sept 16th @ 7pm to see if it is true.

Cause I really need to get out of the house and love chatting with like kidded investors that want to learn about real estate that I meet on BP

If anyone knows if the Coffee Underground in Greenville SC has free internet or wants to show me how to log on... @Dave VanDommelen  or give a call 843-437-1377

Hey Mason, 

I think they have free internet from talking with a few people but have never tried to log on myself. In regard to the meetup tomorrow, I am about 50/50 on being able to make it due to some unforeseen circumstances but will try my best. If I can't make it, I will definitely set a date for another meeting in the near future and figure out how to let everyone know.

they'll give you a password when you order..I think that's how it works

Thank you to to BP members that showed up to help me network. It was a fun group.

I may have a workaround for the new "No Meet Ups allowed" rule BP just enforced and deleted the Sept 16 @ 7pm Greenville Meet up thread. The reason for my original post.

Have a thread posted by a pro member in the "local happenings" forum and link to a discussion here. The time, date location can be updated in the correct forum but the ongoing discussion of an Upstate networking event could stay here.

Any Greenville area Pro members willing to take on that huge task?

On BP, can't you just say you're having a get-together with a date and tell people to pm you for details?

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