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How do you find a wholesaler or a wholesale deal?  How do Wholesalers find investors?

I am trying to find ways to not buy retail prices/MLS. Any advice would be appreciated

There are many ways to go about that and not all wholesalers are created equal, but I would recommend looking into your local CREIA, which is a real estate investors club. The one for charleston is at this link: http://www.charlestonreia.com/

Also, you can look on bigger pockets for wholesalers that are in your area. I will reach out to my REIA group and see if they can recommend any good wholesalers in Charleston and I will send them your way.

If you have the time you might also want to consider just doing it yourself...it takes a little effort and a little money, but it can produce some great results. I would dig into bigger pockets and learn about wholesaling, set wholesale  as a keyword alert, or maybe in your case, wholesaling in SC, read the blogs, etc.

The one that that I have learned from listening and reading bigger pockets is that to wholesale you have got to find the motivated sellers that represent potential deals that are off-market (not on the mls) and then you have to market to them through direct mail or direct contact (if you are able). So in your case you might be able to use this same strategy, but you are simply finding the deal for your purposes.

Hope that helps! Will let you know what I find out wholesaler wise.

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Simple way to start is to call the "We Buy Houses CASH" bandit signs that you see on the side of the roads. You'll find some wholesalers in the lot, but as Michael mentioned above - not all will be worth your time.

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      Hey there Jayson, I agree with Luke, one of the best ways to find a wholesaler is to call the "We Buy Houses" signs. Also look for ads on the free classified sites like 'Craig's List' that say things like "cash buyers only."  When you call these numbers and a seasoned wholesaler answers the phone, if you sound like you are an experienced investor you will more than likely be invited to be placed on their "buyer's-list." Jayson please do not let the "all wholesaler's are not created equal" stuff scare you. That statement is true for any and all professions and that includes our licensed doctors, lawyers, police officers, local mayors and heck the president of the United States too. I am a full-service property wholesaler myself. My buyers are my bread & butter and I therefore treat them as such. While my buyer's are hard at work, running their businesses, playing golf, or just spending some quality time with the fam, I'm out there scouring the neighborhoods and communities for their next deeply discounted investment deal. That's just what we do! I practically eliminate their time consuming need to search for and negotiate with home sellers all together. I notify my buyers via phone, text, or email of the new deals that I pick up about a week before the general public even know the deals exist. In my opinion the more good wholesalers that you have in your repertoire the more you will be leveraging yourself to find the best deals, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort. In closing I personally think that one of the best ways to find yourself a good wholesaler is through good referrals from good colleagues/investors like Russ. And last but not least, as with anything that you invest your valuable time and finances in, always, always, do your own do-diligence!

Much Success!!