Looking for contractor, inspector, etc.

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Hi everyone,

I've been lurking around the Biggerpockets forums, website, and podcast for years, and now that I have a healthy stock portfolio, I am ready to branch into real-estate. I grew up in the upstate, and I currently work in Clemson and live in Anderson.

I am in late-stage negotiations on two different duplexes, planning to house-hack one of them (live in one side and rent the other). I think both of them need some work, so whichever I choose I will probably need some contacts.  

Does anyone have an inspection company they recommend? What about a contractor to actually do the repairs?

In terms of general advice, are there any weird laws (zoning?) that an Anderson investor should be aware of? 

Thank you in advance for any advice.

p.s. I've hard eviction/landlord laws actually favor the landlord. Can anyone who's walked through this process actually comment on this? (This is what worries my wife about stepping into real estate)

I live in Greenwood but invest in Columbia.  We have one rental in Greenwood, but high property taxes compared to Richland County (Columbia) and not having a good contractor has keep me out of the Upstate market.  My husband is from Columbia and I lived there for 8 years so we know the area and feel comfortable investing there; however, everyone talks about how great the Greenville/Anderson market is.  

Unfortunately, good contractors are often found by trial and error and luck.  Even recommendations don't always pan out. My Columbia contractor is great.  So much so, that his service area is a factor in my husband and I choosing a property.  

As far as weird zoning/ landlord items, check to see how much additional tax you may pay by being in the city vs county and if the city has any special requirements.  For example, in the Columbia city limits, you need a permit ($25 per year) and if you are not local, you must complete a responsible party form with your property manager or friend/relative that agrees to take calls should the Columbia PD show up at your tenants door.  City of Columbia is not very landlord friendly as the county my Columbia properties are in the county or in the city of Irmo.  

I know you didn't ask about Columbia, but this will give you an idea of what to look for.

 Best of luck.