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After reading Rich Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant I am convinced I need a financial advisor that understands RE investing (vs mutual funds, etc). I need to set up a 1031 Exchange as well. My current advisor and I are not on the same page. Any recommendations? Need help to get RE investing going. I am in the Greenville SC area, but do not need someone locally necessarily. Thanks!

What you are referring to is an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor)...or a real estate specific coach.  I invest in passive syndications opportunities through an RIA out of Charlotte (accredited status required).  He does traditional brokerage as well...happy to make an introduction.  I have no affiliation with him and he's a low pressure guy.

Lots of 1031 professionals on the forums...quick search will find them...and they will likely find you on this post shortly.

@Tracy Bogie I know a Financial Advisor who may be a great resource for you. Not only does he understand real estate investing but he also is a CPA. He is located out of Michigan. I've worked with Financial Advisors for over 10 years and can provide you a number of referrals. That way you can interview them and determine which one you like best. Now I work for a nationwide Qualified Intermediary and have retained those relationships. I would be happy to PM you my contact information.

@Daniel Hyman @Tracy Bogie

Daniel, appreciate the mention.

Tracy, to provide objective financial advisory services we have the investment and tax expertise for both real estate and traditional investments. Each has its place, depending on each individuals circumstances and goals. Would be happy to connect and discuss.

@Tracy Bogie , Congratulations on making action points on what you're learning as you move forward on you REI career. You're probably looking for more than one person. REI is a team sport. And the accounting heavy aspects of REI is a very different skill set than project specific project analysis which is another animal entirely than a strategic investment advisor concerned more with your portfolio and holdings as a whole as compared to each individual piece.

The traditional financial advisor is trained to advise you on investment opportunities.  And as you recognized, the bulk of them don't understand, like, or live in the RE world.  I really like the folks listed above who not only have a financial services component but also an accounting background as that is probably the most critical piece along with deal specific financial analysis to your real estate puzzle.

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