Comparative Market Analysis.

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How's it going? My name is Tim and I'm a young investor looking to close a deal. Her realtor said the house is worth 300k after work is done. Zillow says it's worth no more than 275k. I would like to have a realtor do a CMA for me. Anybody willing to help as a realtor...or just give useful information?? way to go about finding property value?

@Timothy Malin

Zillow's algorithm is meaningless. They have no idea what the condition of the house looks like on the inside, they can't account for geographical issues like a river view or living next to a garbage dump.

It appears you're looking to buy a property without an agent. The seller has representation and the seller pays for the commission. You're not doing yourself any favors by going in alone.

HEy Tim,

Zillow is kind of garbage when used for CMA. Its ok (sort of) if you're looking at large trends in markets but thats about it. It will not take into account may things that a CMA will and a CMA can be done on a specific time interval which makes it way more accurate with regards to the current market. @Christopher Phillips is spot on. 

Hey Man!

Is the property in Summerville?  I can do this in no time.  Send me a message with address and specs.  Cheers!

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