Favorite SC clubs/groups/meetups?

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I live in the Atlanta, GA area and travel through SC, especially the northeast (Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg areas) all the time, so I'd like to start attending some good REI events in those areas that I frequent, when I can. If anyone has some good groups that would be worth checking out, I'd love to hear your suggestions and put some meetings and any other events in my calendar. Thanks!

I’m only familiar with the Greenville area but I attend the ucreia meetings that occur on the 3rd Monday of every month. https://www.upstatecreia.com/ most of the meetings are decent. Typically a lot of people attend too.

Hey Sam! 

I live in Greenville and just recently joined the UCREIA. I've only attended one meeting so far, but I really enjoyed it. I believe it's the largest meet up in the area and makes for great networking and education. If you're a BP/BPM Podcast frequent listener you may have heard of Chad Carson-- well, he attends the meetings and is "big time" if that tells you anything. 

Hope to see you AND Morgan both there next month!