Aspiring buy and hold investor in South Carolina

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Hi Everyone!

I'm a student in Clinton, SC (near Greenville) getting my doctorate in pharmacy. I still have three years til graduation, but I'm planning on investing in rental properties as soon as possible once I'm in the workforce. Building passive income is a huge interest of mine and I plan on treating it like a career, even though I'll likely have a day job. In the meantime, I'm trying to learn everything I can in order to hit the ground running and be as successful as possible.

Hoping to make some connections in or near SC with other investors, wholesalers, investor-friendly agents, et cetera. I'm particularly interested in buying and renting multifamily homes and apartment complexes with a property manager. Book recommendations or other good resources are welcome and appreciated!

Where are the best markets in SC?

What are the best ways to find connections?

Thanks all,


@Christopher Plummer Congratulations on getting started early! I know your current interest is in multifamily, however since you're going to be a pharmacist, consider to potentially buying a pharmacy. You won't need a triple net lease, since you'll be working there anyway. You can even consider a strip mall with a pharmacy in it to make it more attractive. Just a food for thought.

In terms of your question as to how to find connections, the best way is to go to REI club meetings. You can find such on meetup website. If you specifically want to meet commercial brokers, identify the most active ones on your target market and work on establishing relationship with them.


@Christopher Plummer look at Greenville due to new manufacturing jobs from Boeing. A lot of my ex college friends who went to work with Boeing in Seattle said jobs are being shipped there.

Hey Chris. Welcome to bp. Glad to see another person from sc here. I live in piedmont just outside of Greenville so I’m not too far from you. We do have a pretty good reia here in the upstate. Google upstate criea. They met at the embassy suite off Verdae every 3 Monday evening. There’s also one in Spartanburg too. Haven’t ever been to that one and wasn’t sure which would be closer for you. I haven’t worked up to multi family properties yet but if I can help with anything let me know.

Welcome!  I'm just down the road in Anderson.  I'm also interested in buy and hold investing as I don't plan on retiring from my current career in the near future. 

Good luck to you!

@Christopher Plummer welcome to BP and the world of REI!

I'm thrilled you are looking ahead, past grad school, and into the your financial future beyond a W2 salary.  

Like you, I attended graduate school in a healthcare-related field. About a year after graduating in 2006, I bought my first property. I'm still in practice, however I am afforded the ability to work part-time (secondary to my REI income).

Regardless of what happens, it is very good you are considering investing this early on.  You will go on to read books, meet and network with folks, and maybe purchase a property well before many others.  My only piece of advice is start small on the purchase side.  And do you own diligence.  

Best of luck!