New Investor in Greenville, South Carolina

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Hey guys!

My name is Matt and I just moved to Greenville a couple of weeks ago. I'm still getting familiar with the area, but I want to hit the ground running with real estate investing. Some background on me: I worked as a software engineer for a few years before I took off to travel through South America for a year. Now I'm back, and I have some money I'd like to put to better use than sitting in my bank account. I've just started searching for a new job, but I don't want that to be an excuse that stops me from getting started in real estate. I have not done any deals yet, but I am looking for small multi-family units in the upstate area.

I'm just looking to meet with some like-minded investors in the area. Additionally, I would love to hear where you guys are investing. Are there any specific towns or neighborhoods you like in the upstate area?

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hopefully meeting with as many of you as I can!

Matt Friede

PS. I love to play disc golf, so if anyone has some local course recommendations or wants to play a round shoot me a message! 

Hey Matt! Shoot me an PM and I’ll connect you with a group of local investors that I host a meet up for. Would love to connect over coffee and a beer soon.

I don’t personally, but one of my good friends plays disc golf and I’d be happy to introduce you to him!

Welcome!  I live in Greenwood, SC about 45 minutes from Greenville going toward Augusta.  My husband and I invest in Columbia as he is from Columbia and I lived there for 8 years.  I find the property taxes higher and market rent lower in Greenwood compared to Columbia as well as a much larger rental pool.  While I would like to buy in Greenville or Anderson, I know Columbia and figure invest where you know.  

Good luck in your hunt.

@Matt Friede welcome to Greenville. The upstate is a great area. I have flipped a few houses in piedmont area. Working on a rental or 2 now.
Jonathan, if you could include me on that meet up. Would love to meet up with some other investors.

Hi Matt --

If you haven't already, please consider joining UCREIA, the local real estate investing group. You can find the website to check it out, and then come to the July meeting as a guest for $20. I just joined in February and have found it well worth the investment of time and money by taking advantage of the educational opportunities and attending focus groups to learn more and make connections. 

Hope to see you at the meeting Monday night.



@Matt Friede UCREIA has there monthly meeting Monday night at embassy suite on Verdae. It opens at 6 to meet new people and meeting starts at 7. Great place to meet people in real estate and learn some new stuff. Let me know if you would like to go, I’ll meet you out there.

Welcome to the area. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I know the upstate area very well. I am a Realtor but I am mainly focussed on renovations and fix and flips. 

All, I just stumble across this and have been looking to meet up with other investors in the Greenville area. Hopefully I am not too late to get in on this meet up.

Little background on me; I graduated from Clemson University with a Civil Engineering degree and have worked and still am working as a civil engineer in Greenville for the past 2 years. I have had a lot of interest in Real Estate and am in the process of setting up my first house hack. I closed on a very inexpensive condo at the end of May and am finishing up renovations right now (doing the work myself). 

I want to continue to be involved and am looking to do another deal by the end on the year. @Matt Friede ; Let me know when you plan to meet up with others you have found through BP, I would be excited to get more involved as well. 

I attended the July UCREIA meeting last week and was very impressed, so much so that I ended up joining.  I am hoping to meet some of you at the August meeting. 

Is there a super secret Bigger Pockets handshake I should know about?  :-)


Originally posted by @Jonathan Anderson :

Hey Matt! Shoot me an PM and I’ll connect you with a group of local investors that I host a meet up for. Would love to connect over coffee and a beer soon.

I don’t personally, but one of my good friends plays disc golf and I’d be happy to introduce you to him!

 This seems like a great thread! I would love to be connected and added to that list of investors and get to meet up with everyone! 

Anyone have a recommendation for a RE Attorney. I'm looking to purchase a commercial property, Mobile Home Park, in the Greenville area and need some local counsel. Thanks.

Try the manufactured housing association for the state. Municipal law regarding mobile home parks is a pretty small niche so they usually know of lawyers that specialize in that thing. 

@Matt Friede - Love to see you are in the neighborhood. My business partner and I own close to 140 mobile home units in Spartanburg County. We eye Greenville as well. We both enjoy disc golf as well. Maybe we can catch up when we are both in town. I visit a couple times of month. 

@Matt Friede , good morning Matt. I don't know how I missed this post. I love Greenville! So many good things going on, I just read that it's the fastest growing market east of Texas. We are actively marketing for deals and preparing to host a meetup of our own. Message me and I'll provide the details. Hope all is well, and looking forward to connecting with you. 

Hi I just stumbled into this post I'm a brand new investor in Greenville, I think it's a great opportunity to invest in this area...I am a current truck driver but looking to do this investing full time..looking to meet more investors in the area.