How to estimate property taxes in Greenville County in SC?

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How do i estimate what my property taxes will be for my rental property?  I currently live in this house, but I'm not sure what my property taxes would be after I put up my house for rent.


Hey Ali, for a non owner occupied residential property it will be 6% of the appraised value. 

Then multiply that number by the millage rate(do a quick Google search for millage rates in Greenville) for the district the property is in. And that will be your taxes for that property. 

So in short

Appraised Value X .06 = Assessed Value

Assessed Value X millage rate = annual property taxes owed

You may want to take some pain medicine while running this calculation because the figure will be high...

If your house has appreciated, keep in mind the capital gain exclusion that you get with a primary residence and the potential loss of it when you convert to a rental after three years.