Easley, South Carolina

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Hello!  I'm new to investing and have been doing research about areas all over the country and have landed on investing near Greenville, SC.  What can you tell me about Easley, SC?  Who lives there?  People that commute to Greenville?  Young families, retirees?  Thanks!  

I live in Greenville and my brother lives in Easley. 

There are definitely many people who live in Easley and work in Greenville. It is just a couple exists down I-85.

Yes all types of age groups live there. 

@Danielle Lunt hopefully you will enjoy ur visit. Like john said there are a lot of different kind of people in the Easley area. I live in Piedmont which is beside Easley. Make sure you check out the downtown Easley area. Still has a small town feel with a lot of good food and shops. Then visit the downtown Greenville area which is only 10-15 mins down the road. Cheaper prices in Easley and still close to everything. Good luck.