Looking for Investor-Friendly Agent in Chattanooga

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I need an agent to help me find a property for someone with very specific needs and not-so-great credit. We need a property that can accomodate wheelchair access to at least part of the living space - split-level would work nicely. Unrented duplexes are also a possibility.

We also might need seller-financing/lease options. This isn't the typical slam-dunk retail sale. So, we're looking for an agent than can find the creative housing solutions that would include investors along with the traditional MLS listings.

Please hit me up if you'd like to know more about this client. Thanks!

@Jeremy Shinall

Nathan Torgeson is a fantastic agent we used to buy property in Chattanooga. PM me and I will give you his phone # or you can just google him. He works primarily with the MLS but he is great. Tell him I sent you-- he'll take great care of you.

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My wife is a realestate agent,  and would be glad to help you.

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