Turnkey rentals/ transitional neighborhoods

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Does anyone have experience with Turnkey Vacation Rentals in Nashville?  What are the best transitional neighborhoods for short term rentals?

Proximity to downtown is very important, as most tourists are going to want to be close to Broadway and the associated events. I'm not sure of any turnkey providers as houses are getting so expensive these days, but some transitional neighborhoods to look at would be Buena Vista, Nations, parts of East Nashville, etc.

In any market, it's also important to be somewhat close to a major airport (within an hour) and whatever the local attraction is in that town. Whenever I'm searching for vacation rentals in other locations, I go onto VRBO and I search the ones that are most booked and then I cross reference them to find out where they are located and search in that area. 

@Michelle Williams is Turnkey Vacation Rentals in Nashville a company you are looking for reviews on or are you looking for a company that sells turnkey vacation rentals in Nashville?

Go across the Cumberland to East Nashville if you are looking for a transitioning neighborhod with a solid growing Airbnb/vacation rental market.

I am curious why you are focused solely on Turnkey Vacation Rentals @Michelle Williams .  I have helped some other absentee owners in the area get connected with other exceptional vacation rental management companies in the area.

If you are interested in looking at other local Nashville vacation rental management alternatives to Turnkey, please direct message me or give me a ring.

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