Berclair area of Memphis TN

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Just wanted to get some feedback on the Berclair area of Memphis TN, specifically near Macon Rd. and Jackson Ave.

Was looking at rental rates in the area and wanted to know how it was.

Appreciate any feedback.

That area is the worst area and I almost would not call in berclair, it’s more in the nutbush area and is just terrible I’m so many levels. Stay away unless you know it’s a horrible area. Hope you understand what I am trying to say. 

We mange around that area and actually done well on Given, Tutwiler and Buchanan single family, but not so good with the duplexes on Mayflower.

As @curtdavis said, that area is absolutely horrible! If you’re looking to invest in berclair, I’d suggest East of National. Stratford is ideal in my opinion.

@Chris Schoonhoven - I completely agree with my fellow Memphians.  Definitely not Berclair.  I live in Berclair  (Graham and Given) - Actually some would say that I'm on the far west side of Berclair, but that really doesn't matter.  What does matter is the area you are talking about is SUPER rough.  I wouldn't look at any houses in that area - especially as an OOS.  

Farmville is a terrible street. That whole area is very bad.  We don’t consider this area berclair, it’s called nutbush. There is a very high chance of failure in this area but as long as you know this going in and are ok with the risk then good luck. Very hard to ever resell here. You would be better putting your money on red 22 in Tunica. 

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