Best Areas in Clarksville?

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I'm born and raised in Franklin, TN but have been looking elsewhere to buy my first property through FHA. Clarksville and Bowling Green are my top two choices thus far. What are some of the best and worst zip codes in Clarksville, is there anything I should know before seriously browsing for a duplex/triplex/quad in this location? What should I beware of?

I would most likely want to market to APSU Grad Students/Faculty as my first choice. 

@Waylen Herdman

I believe that Google recently broke ground on a new data center in Clarksville. Not sure exactly where that is, but it might be worth looking into.

@Waylen Herdman I'm not sure that there are particular zip codes you should focus on in Clarksville as every one of our zip codes has good and bad areas, in my opinion. Of course, everybody's determination of "good" and "bad" areas/properties is subjective and will vary. If you come across a particular property you are interested in (or would like a list or to be set up on auto-notify alerts) and want my opinion on if it is an A, B, or C area I'd be happy to help. 

When I'm working with an investor or doing research for my own investing I look at every property on an individual basis paying attention to proximity to employment for whatever the target tenant base is. e.g. Military/Contractors at Ft. Campbell, APSU, companies located in the Industrial Park, Tennova, etc.  I also like properties located conveniently to Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Tiny Town Rd., or Madison St. as those are main roads for shopping and restaurants.

One last suggestion would be to cross-check any address you are interested in against the crime data. I like to use 

Hope that helps!

Clarksville is a strange town in its layout. As Cory stated, every area has it's good and bad.  Best thing to do is find a property that looks good to you and meets your guidelines in investing and then call one of us REALTORS in Clarksville and talk to us about that property.  Or better yet, tell one of us what exactly you are looking for and let us do all the legwork for you.  

i agree with the above. I have lived here 40+ years on every side of town. There are good and bad in all zips. 

I would not do any research on Google Data plant. They just broke ground and are only expected to employ about 70. 

Hankook is still ramping up and LG electronics is coming. Combined probably 2500 employees. Most major factories are in the same area. They also get employees that drive from all surrounding counties.

Currently, there is a real shortage of properties to purchase at prices i find reasonable for investment. I have seen many properties way over bid. If you are diligent and work that way, you will find something. 

Thanks for the information guys. I have a lot of research to do, hoping to find a place by mid-summer or EOY at the latest. I'll definitely be reaching out to a few of you once I get closer to seriously purchasing something.

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