Investor Friendly Lenders in TN

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Greetings, I'm Tim, an investor in learning, considering an investment strategy where refinancing will become important. I am looking to connect with any investment friendly lenders to prequalify me. I am wide open to referrals.

I'm from Morristown TN, 40 minutes east of Knoxville, within Hamblen County. 


My mother is from Morristown. Spent a lot of time up that way over the years. 

I'm not sure if they're up your way but Mountain Commerce Bank here in Knox is known as investor friendly. I have found this to be true from personal experience. I also know people that work with Home Federal Bank as well. 

Right on bro, is there anything you can tell me about the morristown market at all? So far I've heard from someone else from knoxville, that jefferson city, neighboring morristown, has good renovation to resale values. Also seems to be quite a sellers market currently.

Just looked up the bank but don't see any near my area. I wonder, is it necessary for the bank to be within the same town, or county atleast, I plan to invest in?


Tim, Christopher is right, Mountain Commerce Bank is very investor friendly; I have a deal going with them right now. They should be willing to work in Morristown. You're a little far out but were having a BP meet up at Shultz Brau in Knoxville, 6/24 at 7pm. It will be a great opportunity to ask around for more, local lenders. Hope to see you there.

@Levi Graziano Thanks. I've added them to my short list of lenders to check out. After reading a book on financing, It's becoming more clear what my options are.

Thanks for the Knox invite. I was about to add it to my calendar earlier today since I was also planning on gong to the REAI in Knox on the 14th. 

As of now, both are cancelled until I can sort out a sudden car issue :( I literally had to call a taxi half an hour ago cause my car wouldn't start at the mall, lol.

Maybe I can make other accommodations, though. May I ask if you guys ever go to different places (that isn't a bar)? Is there a site or thread I can check out to learn more. I'm very interested. Cheers.