Trying to Verify GC license - San Antonio

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So, per the city the GC needs to registered with them but every GC I put into  pulls up nothing.  I even tried to look up GC companies that come up in google and in angies list and none of them appear in the cities contractor search site.  

To anyone who has done rehabs in san Antonio what site did you use to verify GC liscenses?

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You would ask them for their license.

One is issued by the city. It has an expiration date on it.

Unfortunately people "borrow" other people's license to do plumbing or electrical or even GCs. You talk to the plumber, have him come out, give you a bid, etc. and then he says well, "Its really my brother in law who has the permit, bit he lets me use his license." That is a big red flag. What happens when something goes wrong?? The actual owner of the company will say that he did not do the job. Too many potential issues.

@Corbett Brasington YUP, those guys are cheaper, BUT there are always issues. The biggest one is that they are NOT responsible for anything. Insurance is not in their name and owner will say that they did work without his permission.

It is all a matter of getting insurance for a couple of $1000s per year and being responsible for their work. Since they can not do that...