Fellow BPers in the Lexington, Kentucky and greater Bluegrass Region

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I've been RE investing in the area for 8 or so years now. I am a real estate agent currently working on a brokers license and I'm always looking to network and make more connections with others in the industry.

Whether you've got a deal to potentially wholesale my way, want help looking for deals, advice, partnerships/JV, references or just to talk strategy give me a shout!

There is a Lexington Wealthbuilders meeting tonight at 6:30PM.  Awesome Inc downtown on main street. 

I cannot make it tonight but they have a meeting once per month.  Gets 20-30 people there. 

We will have to do lunch at some point Jimmy. I am a buy and hold investor. 

Time flies!  Thursday already?!  ha!  thanks Joe.

Hi Jimmy!
My name is Anthony, I live just outside Los Angeles, CA. I am looking to network with other investors. I invest outside my state. I was curious about Lexington. What can you tell me about the area? I am a buy and hold type guy.



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