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Are there anyone from the East Dallas, Texas area who can possibly provide some general feedback within a specific location area or can point me in the right direction? Any tips or advice would be helpful. Thank you for your assistance!



I lived in East Dallas for about 8 years. Not sure what help that would be but feel free to ask away.

@James Abuan

Hello!  My partner and I have helped several out of market investors navigate the North Texas area.  I was born & raised in DFW and am very familiar with most of North East & North Central Texas.  If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out.  Your question is far to opened ended to comment directly without having some parameters or context.

Thanks for your feedback Hattie. The city I was evaluating is Terrell, TX (30 miles east of Dallas) and I was hoping to find out more about an area specifically. Are you familiar with Terrell or know of some realtors in that area? 

Just a tip, east Dallas refers to a neighborhood of Dallas. Terrell is definitely its own area...

Terrell would be loosely referred to as East Texas, not East Dallas.  

@P. Martin is correct...East Dallas is a sub-market within Dallas.

As far as the town of Terrell is concerned, it's a typical smallish, semi-rural East Texas town. Again, your questions are a little vague. I am familiar with Terrell, but I don't invest in Terrell. It's most notable claim to fame is as the former location of the State Mental Hospital! As I noted, it's semi-rural. I'm curious as to what leads someone from Kirkland, WA to Terrell, TX. If you're interested in areas in the 3rd & 4th rings of Dallas suburbs, there are areas with higher demand and more investment potential. Right next to Terrell is Forney. Forney has a very good school district and is becoming increasingly popular with folks looking for a less crowded lifestyle. If you're looking for realtors there, just check out the Chamber of Commerce website. Those that are CoC members will be the experts in that area.

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