I need plumber in San Antonio, Texas

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Anyone know a plumber in or near San Antonio that is dependable as well as very competitive with their fees?

J&D Plumbing. His name is David and I have used him for several projects. Works with you and is very knowledgeable. I am a do-it-yourselfer and there were a few projects I wanted to do to keep my costs down and he just charged me a consulting fee and he made sure everything was done properly. Another project I had him do was replace my water heater and it cost ~$750 which included a new 40 gallon gas water heater, installation, new supply lines and haul away of the old unit. If you're interested I can PM you his number.


What's his number?

This post has been removed.

@Michael McCartney, please pm me his number as well. 

@Joel S.

Joel I do not think I sent you the number. I did not get a notification since I was not tagged in the post. If you still need it I will be happy to send it to you.

I have used Jesse Vera of Vera Plumbing & Excavation on several projects.  Prompt and reasonable.  210-849-8430.  Please tell him I sent you.

@Michael McCartney   How was your overall experience with J&D Plumbing? I am looking for a plumber to replace a small shower enclosure and 2 additional projects depending.....

We use ATex Plumbing for larger projects. Have a few guys for our smaller renos. PM is you need assistance.

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