Houston Wholesaler

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Houston Wholesaler,

I am actively looking into acquire more properties. I would like to be on your mailing list. Please PM me and hope to start a wonderful partnership with BP members. 


I'm always open to SFR in the Channelview area or small MF so add me as well.

Houston Wholesaler Wanted!

I am making dramatic post because it looks like there is not a good wholesaler out there. Come a take my money :), No seriously I haven't found a good deal in months.


Hello BP community,

I'm starting in the Real Estate world as a flipper, I'm putting all of my efforts an energy building an experienced team therefore I need help with Leads. I would like to be part of your mailing list. Feel free to contact and hopefully we can make business together.



Was anyone able to locate any SFH Houston area wholesalers?

If so, I would also like to be added to the mailing list.

Thank you,


We are wholesalers in Houston! MFR and SFR! Message me and we will add you to our list!

@Daniel Hsieh I also would like to acquire more properties in the Houston area.

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Looking for a good deal in Houston area is like a dream now. Maybe purchse in Thailand has better chance

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I am a plumbing contractor new to Wholesaling, but I am 3 days into my first mailing and am currently seeking buyers to add to my list. If you are interested or want more information feel free to PM me! 

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