Looking For Investor Friendly Agent / Property Manager in Dallas & Houston

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Hello Everyone. My name is Kevin Fox, I am a sales agent in San Diego. A client of mine (buy and hold investor) would like to begin acquiring properties in Dallas and Houston and she asked that I refer her to an agent who can assist her with those areas.

I am looking for an agent who is familiar with their local RE market and analyzing all the various aspects (Sales and Rental Comps, Market Rent, Cash flow, ROI, COC return, etc) of buy and hold investment opportunities. I also need someone who I can trust will honor the referral fee we agree upon. Does anyone know of an agent fitting this criteria in either/both Houston or Dallas? If so, I would be very grateful if you could pass along their info. I will, of course, let them know you sent me. If you are an agent meeting this criteria yourself, please feel free to call me directly.

Thanks in advance!

Kevin Fox


[email protected]

I'm not sure if he would be interested in the property location part of this equation but @Jerry Ta with PropertyCare would be a great choice for a property manager in Houston.  I have had  a great experience with him.  He may be interested in the property location services as well since he is a licensed agent you will just have to chat with him to see.

I have had good success with Randy Rhew as a Dallas agent and Jason Otts in the Dallas OneProp office for property management.  Bigger pockets isn't too keen on giving out contact info so you can simply google Randy and Oneprop.

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